During the golf season many Handicap Chairmen have the same questions about the GHIN service. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Q: Do I have to send in my Score Posting Sheets if they do not have any scores on them?

A: No, but you will still receive a revision packet even if you do not send anything in to GHIN.

Q: Can I record scores with past dates, even though the Score Posting Sheets have dates on them? For example, can I post a score for April 15 on the Score Posting Sheets that say "Post on April 22" and "Mail on April 29?"

A: Yes, and GHIN will put the scores in the correct chronological order based on the date that is entered with the score.

Q. On the Score Posting Sheets, what does the number in front of the GHIN number mean?

A: It is a number used by GHIN to make sure that the GHIN number is keyed in correctly by our data entry person. Other than internal use by GHIN, it has no other significance.

Q: If a golfer has the same GHIN number at more than one club, how should the scores be posted?

A: The golfer can post scores at either club. This means that the individual will not have to post all scores at both clubs. This reduces the number of away scores that the golfer has to post.

Q: I have tried to delete incorrect scores from a player's record and the scores are not deleted. What is the reason?

A: When deleting a score, you must use the correct TRANS TYPE of "X." Many clubs incorrectly use the "D" TRANS TYPE, which is used to delete a golfer. You also must include the date of the score and the Course RatingSM and Slopeâ Rating exactly as they appear on the Master Report. It is difficult for GHIN to identify those scores that you want deleted without this information. Therefore if you do not include all information, the scores might not get deleted.

Q: What is the meaning of the letters in the "S" column in the report?

A: First, the "S" stands for status and a player can have one of four status types. Active golfers are identified with an "A" or "M." The "A" means active at one club and the "M" means active multi-member. Inactive golfers are identified with an "I" or "D." The "I" stands for inactive, while the "D" stands for an inactive multi-member. Since you will be billed for any player with a status of "A" or "M," please check your player list carefully to make sure that only those players who are active are denoted with an "A."

If you have any questions about the GHIN service, please fee free to call your State or Regional Golf Association.