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Join the HPnA Golf Club!
Hpnagc, 12/31/2015

Thank you for your interest in the HPnA Golf Club! We are glad you want to join!  


New members may be invited by any current member of the HPnA Golf Club. New members may also come from any affiliation with HP or Agilent Technologies through direct work history at one time or as a partner, contractor, or supporting company. Companies that have spun off and grown through additional acquisitions or mergers are all welcome to join. We look forward to hearing your story. The first time cost to join is $90. Seasons following will have a lower renewal rate.

STEP 1: Complete the NCGA Membership Application (see new member doc)

 New HPnAGC Member Join this Club

STEP 2: Choose the Membership Level: New Member to HPnA

Use the drop down arrow to choose that you are joining as a New Member to the HPnA. This is the first item on the list. Choose the Membership Level: New Member.

STEP 3: Use PayPal buttons below or send a check addressed to HPnA Golf Club


if you prefer to pay by check address it to the HPnA Golf Club. Contact Artie Schleifer at for the mailing address.


Please take the time to reference our HPnA organizing documents and the terms and conditions on which the HPnAGC provides a challenging and fun golf club for members and guests of the club. By nature of proceeding with membership and participation in our HPnAGC events you accept and agree to these terms and conditions. 

You can download detailed instructions below.

For additional questions contact:

Artie Schleifer
Membership Chairman

HPnA Golf Club
NCGA Associate Club#: 53-678-1

P.S.  If you are already a member and intended to Renew? Simply head here to renew.

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