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Scotch Twosome Tournament Invitation - Saturday April 27, 2019
Boulder Creek GC, 4/05/2019


This tournament is in 3 weeks at our home course.  Hopefully, the fairways will dry out considerably by then.  It will probably be our last home tournament of the season with Winter Rules applying.  We will probably also invoke the LIPS rule (Lost in plain sight) if there are still fairways that plug easily.  Below are the details.  Pick a partner and enter, or we can pair you up with single entries:


Open to Regular and Associate Members.


When:                          Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Format:                       Low Gross/Low Net. Separate prizes for Regular and Associate Members. Players may

request playing partners for this tournament. Scotch Twosomes format. See the

rules below for how this tournament will be played.

First Tee Time:           10:00 AM- Consecutive Tee Times.

Eligibility:                   Regular and Associate Members. Associate Members will play in separate foursomes from Regular Members.

Entry Fee:                   $55- Non-Annual & 5 Day Annual Members, $18- 7 Day Annual Members- Includes green fees and  prizes.  By popular vote at the annual meeting, we are no longer providing food after golf as a part of your tournament fee. Players that wish to eat after golf are responsible to purchase their own food at their own expense after tournaments in 2019

Optional Skins:           2-Person Team Skins. Members with handicaps may play net skins. All players may play for gross skins. Include $10 for net or gross an $20 per player for both. Both players must participate. Eligibility: Regular Members only.

Here is how a Scotch Twosome is played:

Player A and player B both tee off on each hole then the team chooses which ball to continue to play and the other ball is picked up. The remaining shots are alternated between players (starting with the player whose ball was NOT selected) until the ball is holed. Mark the team’s GROSS score only on the scorecard. The tournament committee will calculate the team’s net score. This is a team handicap event and the team handicaps are based on 60% of the lower handicap and 40% of the higher handicap.

The rules of golf apply. If a player hits his shot out of bounds, the second team member tees off as well.  Then, the player who hit out of bounds hits again under penalty of stroke and distance after declaring a “Provisional.”  Alternatively, the team may elect to play from a spot two club lengths into the fairway from where the ball went out of bounds, hitting 4 (2 stroke penalty).  In the latter case, the other team member hits the ball.  This may be preferable, especially if both team members went out of bounds if one of the shots is reasonably far down the fairway.

Team Skins:

Men’s teams may choose to participate in the skins contest and can decide to play gross, net or both. For a team to play in the skins contest both players must be signed up and paid for the same level of participation. The score recorded as the Team Score will be used to determine the winning teams of gross and net skins.

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