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Del Monte Tournament Results
Boulder Creek GC, 3/31/2019

Attached are the full results of the Del Monte Tournament.  Please keep in mind that those Men who placed in the money, have Del Monte gift certificates we are required to buy from that course as part of their prize money.  The rest is in BC Gift Cards.  You will need to stop by the Pro Shop in Boulder Creek to pick up your prizes.


Please ignore the Ladies Net scores as there was another software problem that caused them to be incorrect, although the ranking and prizes are right.  I have not yet been able to figure that one out, but am working on it.


The amounts below are the totals of the gift cards waiting for you, including skins $.  The attached results do not include the carry-overs from skins from the last tournament and so may be slightly different.



Ian Johnson $40 Del Monte gift Card + $252 Boulder Creek Gift Card & 2 sleeves of balls!

Mark Harvey $45 Del Monte gift Card (already given to him) + $116 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Darby Brown-Kuhn $45 Del Monte gift Card (already given to him) + $147 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Ben White $35 Del Monte gift Card (already given to him) + $80 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Bruce Johnson $42 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Wayne Imahara $112 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Eddie Renshaw $36 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Mike Golden $11 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Greg Jones $22 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Dale Yoakum $11 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Lisha Lind $40 Boulder Creek Gift Card

Judy Nelson $40 Boulder Creek Gift Card


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