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2019 AGA Game Protocols
Austin Golf Association, 1/11/2019

New Game Protocols

Gross and Net Games will be combined, charged one entry, and this will determine your Flight.  We are going to make sure this year that Flights are more competitive this year and that will eliminate cherry picking and ensure a more competitive on course experience.  This is a best practice from the majority of clubs and it works!  Everyone in their Flights will still be playing from the same tees. 


For example:

Upon registration or until registration is over, you will have the opportunity to select which games you want to play—Gross and Net Game, Skins, and or CTP.  We are trying to greatly reduce if not eliminate day of check-in altogether!

You may play any combination or none of the 3 if you choose.  Gross and Net will be Flighted, CTP is played as we normally do, however Skins ARE NOT FLIGHTED.  We are testing skins this weekend which would be awarded on a Gross and Net Basis

Let’s say there are 36 players signed up for the tournament but only 30 want to participate in the Gross and Net Game.  We will Flight the 30 Players that have gotten in the game that would look something like this:

5 Flights of 6 Players

1st Flight – Blacks – HI 1-6

2nd Flight – Blues—HI 7-11

3rd Flight – Blues—HI 12-16

4th Flight – Whites—HI 17-23

5th Flight – Whites—HI 24-30

We’ll determine how many flights are need for the day depending on how many players are in the Gross and Net Game, and the spread of Players Indices involved.  We may have 3,4,5, or even 6 flights (like 60 Players in 6 Flights perhaps) depending on the field size and range of the Players’ Indices.  This will make for more competitive flights, more winners, and a better time!

The other 6 players are free to participate in the Skins or CTP, but they aren’t part of the Flights.  They will just be placed on an appropriate tee box for the day and participate in other games or just play.    

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