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AGA - 12/16 Kizer Stableford tournament
Austin Golf Association, 12/13/2018

Hello Golfers,

Attached are the pairings for this Sunday. If you need to withdraw please do so immediately online, where you signed up. Also if you see any issues with the pairings please let Roger (rrh024000@gmail.com) know ASAP.

Attached are also the local rules for Kizer and the stableford.

Below are a few reminders and local rules to help with the pace of play.


- Check in with the AGA only. We will take all the payments and pay the course. Once checked in, head to the pro shop to pay for golf carts (not required) and range balls.

- Be ready to tee off atleast 15 minutes before your tee time.

- Play ready golf! Especially on the green. Read your putts and get your putts ready if it's not a distraction to the current player putting.

- If you're waiting on the group in front, be ready to hit. All players in the group should know where their ball is and be lined up ready to hit, not waiting in the cart and then searching for the ball after the group in front leaves. BR PROACTIVE AND BE READY.

- There is a stroke limit, e.g. 10.  If not holed out on stroke 9, pick up and take a 10.  If players play beyond the 10 strokes, e.g. 12, they have to record a 12.

Limit ball searches to 3 minutes, not 5 minutes.

- We do take cash, check or redit card, but there is a $3 fee for using a credit card.

Below are the volunteers, thank you everyone who signed up to volunteer.

  Check in  Time
Roger Hsu 9:45 - end
David White 10:10 - 10:30
John Gossett 10:30 - 10:45
  Scoring Groups
Brenden Wells 1 - 3
John McDonald 1 - 3
Jeremy Boos 4 - 6
Scott King 4 - 6
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