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Under bright blue skies but with standing water, 10 club members participate in the '4 Club' event, with Gonzo winning by 3 strokes (net 75).
Lake Chabot GC, 02/11/2019
Rich's net 68 at Poppy clears the field by 3 strokes.
Lake Chabot GC, 01/28/2019
The USGA and GHIN will discontinue the eClubhouse website and services as of April 1, 2019. The NCGA has provided a new Member Management Solution, MemberPlanet, for Clubs to use. Please encourage your Club Officers to attend a NCGA Club Meeting the week of 1/21/19 - 2/1-19 to learn more.
Northern California Golf Association, 01/17/2019
Results attached.
Lake Chabot GC, 11/06/2018
Taking first place, Dan posts an impressive net 64 (gross 82) on a difficult putting day with 'punched' greens.
Lake Chabot GC, 10/16/2018

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