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Horse Race Tournament

May 18, 2018 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Homestead Golf Course
11500 W Hampden Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80227
Homestead Golf Course
Field Size:

In the golf horse race, two players are eliminated per hole until only one player is left at the end of 5 holes. Think of it as match play in the extreme.

Begin with 10 players who will be playing with 80% of their handicap with the strokes or pops given to all players instead of wheeling off the lowest handicapped golfer.  Start all players on the first hole. The golfers play the hole under the regular stroke play rules of golf. The two participants with the highest net scores on the hole are eliminated.  In case of ties for the highest two scores a tie breaker is held with a designated skills challenge, such as a closest-to-the-hole chipping or putting contest.  

The remaining 8 players proceed to the second tee. The teeing order is determined by honor -- that is, the player with the lowest net score tees off first. At the conclusion of the second hole, the two players with the highest net scores are eliminated.  Again, break any ties for high score before proceeding to the third tee.  Competition continues in this manner until one player remains at the conclusion of the 5th hole.

Entry fee is $10, and special greens fee rates are $9 for walkers and $15 for riders.  Payout is $70 for the winner and $30 for second place.

Registration is limited to the first ten golfers to sign up, with a second horserace field to be formed if we have an additional ten golfers interested.  Non-participants are also encouraged to join in and cheer or heckle the participants.

Contact Information
Larry Zehfuss
(303) 810-0505
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