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We're a social golf club open to men and women over the age of 50. ...


While the USGA and GHIN will discontinue the eClubhouse website and services eventually, the have removed the hard deadline of April 1. eClubhouse will still be available through this transitional time period. Additionally, the NCGA has provided a new Member Management Solution, MemberPlanet, for Clubs to use.
Northern California Golf Association, 01/17/2019
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 12/18/2018
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 12/10/2018
2 MAN BB Rules: Both players play their own ball. Based on the net score of each player, select the lowest net score and place it on the line below the player’s gross scores. Add the total net scores. This is your final score. Each player posts their ESC score.
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 12/03/2018
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 12/02/2018
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 11/26/2018
FOXELTON SHOOTOUT: Holes 1 through 6, 2 man scramble (each player must have 2 drives); Holes 7 through 12, 2 Man BB ; Holes 13-18, Alternate Shot through the green. On the par 3 13th both tee off, pick which one you want, then alternate shot, 15th hole, both players tee off to attempt a hole in one, but finish the hole with the alternate shot ball. Total the gross score and subtract the average of the player for the final score. DO NOT POST.
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 11/26/2018
Low Gross Low Net Scores. Each flight will have, at least, one low gross and one low net winner. Post your ESC score.
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 11/19/2018
Here you will find the info for our Holiday Dinner on Thursday, December 6. There is a flyer attached and they will also be available on the desk on Monday morning for ease of signing up. Hope to see you there.
Foxtail Senior Men's GC, 11/18/2018



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