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Lake Chabot Golf Club is seeking new members of all skills to join us for social and competitive golf on Sunday mornings. ...


Under bright blue skies but with standing water, 10 club members participate in the '4 Club' event, with Gonzo winning by 3 strokes (net 75).
Lake Chabot GC, 02/11/2019
Rich's net 68 at Poppy clears the field by 3 strokes.
Lake Chabot GC, 01/28/2019
While the USGA and GHIN will discontinue the eClubhouse website and services eventually, the have removed the hard deadline of April 1. eClubhouse will still be available through this transitional time period. Additionally, the NCGA has provided a new Member Management Solution, MemberPlanet, for Clubs to use.
Northern California Golf Association, 01/17/2019



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