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Formed in 1978 for golfers who are members of the Norwich Golf Course. In 2007 an Associate membership was started for those who do not have a membership to the course. THE MEMBERS CLUB WORKS WITH THE NORWICH GOLF COURSE TO PROVIDE THE BEST GOLFING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL GOLFERS. ...


Attached is the teams and hole assignments
Norwich Golf Club, 04/21/2017
Norwich Golf Club, 03/21/2017
See additional information for the newsletter
Norwich Golf Club, 03/03/2017
See additional information for subject application and instructiions
Norwich Golf Club, 03/02/2017
Norwich Golf Club, 02/22/2017
Norwich Golf Club, 01/25/2017
See attached for subject informatiion
Norwich Golf Club, 11/04/2016
This area's inactive season begins on November 15th
Norwich Golf Club, 11/03/2016
Final entry date for the Maintenance Revenge Tournament has been extended and the Walter Travis Cup playoff is scheduled for November 12th
Norwich Golf Club, 10/31/2016



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